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Red’s Moving, Inc. Shares Tips for Moving with Pets

Tips on Moving with Pets

Our Furry and Feathered Family Members Easily Get Stressed Out with Change This month, we’re sharing tips for moving with pets. If moving stresses you out, imagine how anxious it makes our furry and feathered family members. Pets easily get stressed out with unexpected activity in the home or when introduced to a new place. […]

Red’s Moving, Inc. Explains How to Prepare Kids for a Move

Moving with Children

Helping Children Prepare Will Help Them Flourish Despite the Difficulty of Moving It’s hard to know how to prepare kids for a move. Young children especially have a hard time because they don’t understand the situation. To help children flourish in spite the difficulty of moving, it’s important to prepare them by: Trying to Include […]

Explaining Red’s Moving, Inc.’s Process Step By Step

moving day process step by step

Our Movers Make the Moving Experience Easy for Our Customers This month, we’re explaining Red’s Moving, Inc.’s process step by step. For over nine decades, our movers have worked hard to make the moving experience easy for our customers. When you call for a quote, we’ll give you accurate information so you can confidently schedule […]

Red’s Moving, Inc. Customer Reviews

Many of Our Satisfied Customers Give Red’s Moving Inc. Five Stars This month, we’d like to share some of Red’s Moving, Inc. customer reviews. Over the past 90+ years, we’ve built a reputation for quality, professionalism, and responsiveness, all totaling a great value. Though some folks haven’t posted great Google reviews, many customers have given […]

What We Love About Central and Southern Maine

There’s So Much to Appreciate about Lewiston, Auburn, and Turner, Maine We’re professing what we love about central and southern Maine for our blog topic this month. Call it a love letter to Lewiston, Auburn, and Turner, Maine, sharing what’s especially grand about them! If you’re moving to Maine or visiting for an extended period […]

Red’s Moving, Inc. Movers are Heavy Moving Equipment Specialists

Our Moving Teams of Three Use Advanced Equipment to Protect Items Being Moved Sometimes you need heavy moving equipment specialists when changing homes or office buildings. The movers with Red’s Moving, Inc. are fully trained in safely transporting heavy items. We send out teams of three and use advanced equipment to protect ourselves and the […]

Moving During Winter Months

New BLOG-POST-3-Moving-During-winter-03

Experience You Can Depend on From Red’s Moving, Inc. Here is some helpful advice for those who plan on moving during winter months from Red’s Moving, Inc. Coordinating a move is always a process. Planning one in the coldest months of the year can make it more challenging. If you need our assistance for residential […]

Serving Residential and Commercial Customers for Over 90 Years  

Customers Count on Red’s Moving, Inc.’s Reputation for Reliability and Expertise Red’s Moving, Inc. has been serving residential and commercial customers for over 90 years across Maine and worldwide. Our full service moving company offers local moving and long distance moving services. You can count on Red’s Moving, Inc. for reliability and expertise because we’ve […]

Packing Tips for Each Room of the House

Every Room Has Its Own Unique Issue to Consider When You’re Packing To start 2023, we’re sharing packing tips for each room of the house. If you’ve ever moved from one place to another before, you know how cumbersome packing is. While packing like items together (i.e. electronics or books) is common, a room-by-room approach […]