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Moving with Children

Red’s Moving, Inc. Explains How to Prepare Kids for a Move

Helping Children Prepare Will Help Them Flourish Despite the Difficulty of Moving

It’s hard to know how to prepare kids for a move. Young children especially have a hard time because they don’t understand the situation. To help children flourish in spite the difficulty of moving, it’s important to prepare them by:

  • Trying to Include Their Input and Remind Them Often
  • Choosing to Pack While They Sleep and Prepare a Moving Day Kit
  • Throwing a See You Later Party


Try to Remind Them Often and Include Their Input in Changes

Younger children have short memory spans, so try to remind them often about the move, at least once daily. Keep it lighthearted and casual when reminding them. When you remind them about the move, also mention what will stay the same; their toys and pets will be moving too.

Kids feel safe when you include their input in decisions, especially if they can’t control the outcome. By choosing to include their input, you’re giving kiddos decision-making power. For example, include their input when planning their bedroom. Getting their input, will get kids excited about the new home.


Pack While They Sleep and Throw a See You Later Party

Since children always want something as soon as they know it’s out of reach, try to pack while they sleep. They won’t notice if a few toys are missing. You should also donate after bedtime, not just pack while they sleep. Take whatever items of theirs that you’re donating to the drop off place after your kids go to bed.

Leaving their friends is one of the hardest parts of moving for kiddos. If it’s at all feasible, consider throwing a “see you later party.” Rather than a “goodbye party,” a “see you later party” means that no one believes they’re seeing each other for the last time. Try to plan the see you later party a week or two before moving day. You might want to consider making your party a destination- themed gathering. For example, if you’re moving to another state, try to decorate and include well-known foods according to that area.


Have a Moving Day Kit Ready with Their Favorite Toys, Activities, and More

A moving day kit is basically a kiddo’s box of essentials. It is important to  separate essentials from other packed items. Your child’s moving day kit should have comforting or entertaining items. Try to include in their moving day kit essentials like:

  • Toys
  • Storybooks
  • Games
  • Snacks
  • Blankets
  • And more



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