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Transporting Pianos, Office Equipment, and More Across the State and World

For moving services in Maine and worldwide, contact Red’s Moving, Inc. Our full-service company has transported pianos, office equipment, and more across the state, nation, and world for over 90 years. Red’s Moving, Inc. sends out teams of three strong, experienced movers to serve within our service area. Outside of Maine, we work with a network of other companies to serve nationwide and worldwide needs. Call (207) 784-8766 for a quote or to schedule services today.

Helping You Prepare to Move in Lewiston, Maine, and Around the World

Most people know that moving requires tons of preparation. Our team of professional and experienced movers help customers prepare for their moves, whether local or long distance. Regardless of whether you are moving locally or across the country, we recommend you always carve out ample preparation time. The preparation necessary to effectively carry out the move requires an understanding of how local and long distance moving differs.

Red’s Moving Inc., Knows How Local & Long Distance Moving Differ

The difference between local and long distance moving affects how long and extensive preparations end up being. First of all, moving locally is usually within a 50 mile or smaller radius. Long distance moving usually refers to moving 100 or more miles away. Secondly, local moving is often less expensive than long distance moving. When calculating local moves, companies usually factor in how many hours and team members are needed. However, long distance moving, especially interstate moves, have a calculated formula.

Finally, long distance moves typically demand more time and planning than local moves. If you are planning an interstate move, you should consider buying moving insurance. When you understand the differences between local and long distance moving, you will know what moving service you need.

Contact Red’s Moving Inc. for moving services in Maine and worldwide.