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Buying a New House? Trust Red’s Moving, Inc. to Safely
Transport Your Items

Red’s Moving, Inc. provides affordable residential moving. For over 90 years, Red’s Moving, Inc. has served the relocation needs for homeowners and renters throughout our service area. Our experienced movers will safely transport office equipment, pianos, and other valuables from your old to your new home. If you are buying a bigger house or renting a different apartment, trust Red’s Moving Inc. to help move your furniture and more. Call (207) 784-8766 to schedule services or for a quote today.

Tips for Planning a Move in and Around Lewiston, Maine

When planning a move in Lewiston, Maine, or elsewhere in the world, there is more to do than packing. First and foremost, you will need to take care of changing your address. You might also want to make a master list of moving tasks to accomplish. Before buying boxes, visit local stores to get produce and liquor boxes instead. As you pack a room up, plan the new room’s layout in which you will place the packed items. You should also purge as you pack. This means gradually, but consistently, setting aside the definite throwaways, and then doing a second and third sweep for more throwaways.

Be sure both your soon-to-be- former home and your new one are both in tip-top shape. We especially recommend having your old rugs, drapes and slipcovers professionally cleaned. Finally, contact Red’s Moving, Inc. when you are ready to leave your old home, and go to your new one.

Common Residential Moving Issues in Auburn, Maine, and Surrounding Areas

Moving from home to home in Auburn, Maine, surrounding areas, and worldwide, can include a variety of issues. Many times, people run out of time to change their address prior to moving out or to finish packing. Creating a checklist or using the MoveAdvisor app can help with staying on track and schedule. Overpacking is another problem many people encounter when moving. To avoid this, try to only pack what you do need, and get rid of items you do not need. Consider donating unwanted items to charity or having a yard sale.

Red's Moving, Inc. offers reliable, affordable, and top-quality residential moving.