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Red’s Moving, Inc. Moves Cubicles, Conference Tables, Inventory, and More

Need help moving office equipment and more? Contact Red’s Moving, Inc. Our family-owned, full-service company has served offices throughout our service area in Maine for over 90 years. You can rely on us to safely and efficiently transport equipment, desks, cubicles, inventory, and more. Call (207) 784-8766 for more information or to schedule your move.

Plan Your Office Move in & Around Lewiston, Maine, Six Months in Advance

Just as it is with moving to a new home, moving to a new office space is an involved process. One way to stay organized when moving an office in Lewiston, Maine, an adjacent region, or worldwide, is utilizing a checklist. When planning your move’s logistics, the checklist timeline should start at least six months, if not a year, in advance.

To Do Six Months to a Year Before an Office Move

  • Review your office’s current lease
  • Devise a decommissioning plan and a preliminary budget
  • Announce the move to staff and employees; make an inventory list

Within Four Months of an Office Move, Reserve Red’s Moving Inc. Services

Within three or four months of your office move, you should be well under way. You might want to arrange an office warehouse sale or a free donation pickup for items you plan to replace. By two months before an office move, you should pack non-essential items and do an address change. In the last month, weeks, and days before moving, everything should be packed and ready for relocation. Finally, you should do a final walk-through of your vacated office before sending the movers to your new location.

Final Items to Do Before an Office Move

  • Contact Red’s Moving Inc. and make a reservation
  • Notify your landlord, partners, clients, vendors, and any other business associations
  • Schedule service disconnection or transfer and set up new services

Contact Red’s Moving Inc. if you want help moving office equipment and more.