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Affordable Professional Furniture Delivery
in Lewiston, Maine

Offering Safe, Efficient Delivery of Sofas, Mattresses, and TVs

Red’s Moving, Inc. offers affordable professional furniture delivery in Lewiston, Maine and throughout our service area. Call Red’s Moving, Inc. at (207) 784-8766. We specialize in complete residential and commercial moves and can easily handle all of your delivery needs such as:

  • Sofa Delivery
  • Mattress Delivery
  • Furniture Delivery of All Types
  • Boxed & Unboxed Mattress Delivery
  • Pickup & Delivery of TVs
  • Antique Furniture Delivery Specialists
  • Pool Table Delivery
  • Flat Rate Delivery Quote
    Safe, Efficient Service

Red's Moving, Inc. Offers Trusted Local and Long Distance Furniture Delivery

Red’s Moving, Inc. provides local delivery, as well as delivery to locations within the state of Maine and overseas. Our company is the region’s trusted local and long distance pick-up and delivery service for residential and commercial furniture units. Red’s Moving, Inc. has provided our valued customers with exceptional moving and delivery service for over 90 years. Our commitment is to treat your possessions with the care and committed dedication to safety that you deserve.

Promising Quality Furniture Moving Services in Lewiston, Maine

Red’s Moving, Inc. has high-quality proper protective equipment and moving gear. We promise your furniture item is well protected during transport in Lewiston, Maine and throughout our entire service area. Our team members take pride in our work, and are patient, highly skilled professionals with decades of delivery service experience. Therefore, you will have peace of mind knowing your delivery will be successful, whether across town or across the sea.

Count on Red's Moving, Inc. to Safely Deliver an Ordered Item

Have you ordered an item that is waiting for pick-up at the store or depot? Our staff can pick up and deliver the item to your home or business at a competitive price. You can count on Red’s Moving, Inc. to deliver your item safely and with the level of care that you deserve.

Get a Free, Upfront Service Quote When You Contact Red’s Moving, Inc.

To request an estimate for professional delivery service, contact us for a free upfront service quote. You do not have to pay exorbitantly high delivery charges with us. Count on Red’s Moving, Inc. for professional-grade delivery at a reasonable price. Our staff members are available to serve you with your delivery across Lewiston, Maine, or around the world.

Call Red's Moving, Inc. for affordable professional furniture delivery in Lewiston, Maine.