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Trustworthy & Professional Commercial Movers in Lewiston, Maine

Red's Moving, Inc. Can Transport Photocopiers, Water Coolers, and More

For commercial movers in Lewiston, Maine, contact Red’s Moving, Inc. Commercial movers are unlike residential movers. They transport more than furniture and televisions. Commercial movers must know how to safely transport various pieces of electronic equipment like printers, photocopiers, scanners, computers, and water coolers. At Red’s Moving, Inc., we have provided commercial moving services throughout our service area for over 90 years. Our experienced team members know how to properly and efficiently transport commercial items. Call (207) 784-8766 today to discuss your company’s moving needs.

Considerations Before Moving Your Business Into or Out of Lewiston, Maine

When you decide on a location to which you want to move your business, first consider overhead costs. You should also factor in the possible cost of rehiring and re-training staff. Even if you maintain contact with customers online, consider the effects of moving on your customer base. You should consider moving closer to your customers rather than away from them unless your business is primarily remote. Logistically speaking, your new commercial space will probably need a touch-up if not new furniture. Finally, you need to consider the financial implications of every step, and factor them into your moving plan.

Red’s Moving, Inc. Uses Specialized Equipment for Commercial Moving

Red’s Moving, Inc. guarantees the expertise required to facilitate the special needs of commercially-based customers. Our company is properly licensed and insured, so your items are well protected. Our commercial movers use specialized equipment to safely store and transport business equipment, machinery, larger pieces of furniture, and electronics. Furthermore, we follow all legal requirements designated for moving companies by local, state, and federal law.

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