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Tips on Moving with Pets

Red’s Moving, Inc. Shares Tips for Moving with Pets

Our Furry and Feathered Family Members Easily Get Stressed Out with Change

This month, we’re sharing tips for moving with pets. If moving stresses you out, imagine how anxious it makes our furry and feathered family members. Pets easily get stressed out with unexpected activity in the home or when introduced to a new place. Here are some tips that might make the moving experience a bit calmer for your dog, cat, and other pet:

  • Trying to Maintain Your Routine
  • Scheduling a Wellness Visit with the Vet
  • Researching Pet Laws in Your New Neighborhood
  • Packing an Overnight Kit for Moving Day
  • Making an Effort to Pet-Proof Your New Home


Try to Maintain Your Routine and Schedule a Wellness Visit with the Vet

Pets flourish in large part because of habit, especially dogs and cats. The more they experience changes to their routine, the higher their anxieties go. We understand that moving makes it hard for you to maintain your routine. However, when you maintain your routine, you’ll keep your pet’s stress levels down. To maintain your routine, make sure you feed pets at the same times as usual. It’s important to never skip their regular activity time.

Before you move, book a wellness visit with your vet a few weeks in advance. While at the wellness visit, double-check that all vaccinations are current. Ask the vet about stress-reduction tactics and a recommendation for a new vet. Before leaving the wellness visit, be sure to request a copy of your pet’s medical records.


Research Pet Laws in Your Neighborhood and Pack an Overnight Kit for Moving Day

Don’t get caught off guard by unexpected pet laws in your new town. Look into any local, county, and state pet laws about licensing, containment, etc. Remember to update their microchip information online too.

Just like you and your kids need an essentials box, your pet needs an overnight kit. An overnight kit includes enough food, litter, and toys to sustain your pet for a few days. You should also include grooming tools and their medications in their overnight kits.


Pet-Proof Your New Home to Keep Furry and Feathered Friends Happy and Secure

Before moving your animal companion in, we highly recommend that you pet-proof your new place. By “pet-proof,” we mean preventing unexpected hazards from complicating the situation. When you pet-proof, you’re ensuring your furry and feathered friend is happy, and secure while you’re busy moving in. To adequately pet-proof, you should:

  • Secure all screens, windows, gates, and doors, especially to balconies and patios
  • Check outdoor fences for potential escape routes and seal what you find
  • Close toilet lids
  • Dispose of any pest control traps, mothballs, fire starter sticks, and electrical cords left behind



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