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Moving an Office

Common Problems with Moving an Office and How To Avoid Them  

Red’s Moving, Inc. Safely Moves Desks, Cubicles, Inventory, and More Office Items

This month, we’re sharing common problems with moving an office and how to avoid them. At Red’s Moving, Inc., we’ve built a reputation for reliable office moving for over 90 years. Our movers can safely and efficiently move desks, cubicles, inventory, and more for offices around Lewiston, Maine, and surrounding areas. If you’re planning to relocate your office, you might encounter problems, like poor planning, unhappy employees, and downtime. While there’s no avoiding downtime, you can avoid poor planning when you assign tasks. You can also avoid having unhappy employees when you address issues presented by them.


Avoid Poor Planning in Your Office Relocation by Assigning Tasks

When moving an office, you can’t wing it like you would a personal move. Having poor planning can result in irreparable difficulties. For example, poor planning increases the likelihood of something being lost or forgotten. To avoid poor planning, you need to assign tasks. Doing so, will make sure everyone knows their role for the move. As soon as you know your office is relocating, assign tasks for every employee and explain the required steps. After assigning tasks, set deadlines, monitor them, and communicate as much detail as possible to keep everyone prepared and informed.


Address Issues About the Office Move Expressed By Unhappy Employees

The monkey-wrench in assigning tasks is you might have to address issues expressed by some unhappy employees with relocation concerns. Before you start assigning tasks, make sure that you address issues expressed by unhappy employees about the move. Maybe you have unhappy employees who will face a longer commute with the move. To address issues like commuting, perhaps you could find a way for those unhappy employees to work remotely.


You Can’t Avoid Downtime … But You Can Reduce Its Long-Term Impact

You won’t be able to avoid downtime during your office’s relocation. Rather than aiming for zero downtime, try to reduce it. Have employees work remotely or restructure their timelines. You can reduce downtime by ensuring your IT team gets systems operational in your new office ASAP.  Furthermore, you’ll reduce downtime by offering customers alternative ways to reach you if necessary. For example, while your phone lines aren’t available, provide customers a live chat option.


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