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Red’s Moving, Inc. Movers are Heavy Moving Equipment Specialists

Our Moving Teams of Three Use Advanced Equipment to Protect Items Being Moved

Sometimes you need heavy moving equipment specialists when changing homes or office buildings. The movers with Red’s Moving, Inc. are fully trained in safely transporting heavy items. We send out teams of three and use advanced equipment to protect ourselves and the items. Whether it’s a gun safe, piano, piece of furniture, or an appliance, Red’s Moving, Inc. can move it.



Safely Moving All Kinds of Pianos and Gun Safes is Our Specialty

As the preferred mover for pianos belonging to world-renowned musicians, piano moving is our specialty. Piano boards are a type of equipment sometimes used to safely transport pianos. The piano board and its end simultaneously support the piano. Piano boards also usually include slot straps that secure the instrument and handles to help carry it.


Besides piano boards, other pieces of equipment used for moving pianos are typing straps and dollies. Most movers also use the latter two for both pianos and gun safes. Tying straps hold down heavy items during transport. Before loading gun safes into the moving truck, our heavy moving equipment specialists often use either appliance or furniture dollies.



Our Movers Use Dollies to Safely Move Furniture and Appliances

When moving heavy items, it’s common for movers to use specialized dollies for pianos, gun safes, furniture, and large appliances. Furniture dollies are usually wood, square or rectangular, with four wheels, one in each corner. They don’t usually have handles, lifting mechanisms, or straps. Furniture dollies do sometimes have carpet tops, which protect the item being moved from receiving scratches.


Appliance dollies are made with rub rails and are often padded with a soft material to protect appliances’ finishes. The rubber rails and soft material also prevent scratches and dings. Appliance dollies usually include cargo straps, which secure the appliance to the dolly until it’s loaded into the truck. Trust our heavy moving equipment specialists to get the job done correctly and safely.



For a quote or to ask questions about our moving services, call us at (207) 784-8766 or 1-800-476-6175. Follow and like us on Facebook for updates. Red’s Moving, Inc. movers are heavy moving equipment specialists.