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What We Love About Central and Southern Maine

There’s So Much to Appreciate about Lewiston, Auburn, and Turner, Maine

We’re professing what we love about central and southern Maine for our blog topic this month. Call it a love letter to Lewiston, Auburn, and Turner, Maine, sharing what’s especially grand about them! If you’re moving to Maine or visiting for an extended period of time, we encourage you to check out:


  • The Dempsey Challenge in Lewiston, Maine
  • The Riverwalk in Auburn, Maine
  • The Jones-Bonney Turner Village in Turner, Maine



We Love Lewiston, Maine, for Patrick Dempsey and the Dempsey Challenge

The Dempsey Challenge is a running/walking/cycling fundraiser held in Lewiston, Maine, every September. The monies raised via the Dempsey Challenge support the Dempsey Center, an agency founded by Lewiston, Maine, native Patrick Dempsey. Mr. Dempsey started the Dempsey Challenge and Center in an effort to support his fellow Mainers impacted by cancer. The actor’s own mother was diagnosed with cancer in the late 1990s, motivating him to establish this organization. Since its inception in 2009, the Dempsey Challenge has raised over $17 million for residents of Lewiston, Maine.



The Riverwalk Makes Auburn, Maine, a Loveable Place to Be

The Riverwalk crosses the street at the intersection of Court and Main Street in Auburn, Maine, behind the Hilton Garden Inn. The path continues behind Festival Plaza and by the Androscoggin River. When you stroll the Riverwalk in Auburn, Maine, you’ll take in the beautiful outdoor art, benches, gardens, and Twin Cities. Eventually, the trail splits beyond Auburn, Maine. From there, you can follow it to Jones-Bonney Turner Village Park. You can also take it to the Lewiston, Maine side. The latter runs along the railroad trestle and into the railroad park.



Both Dogs and People Love the Jones-Bonney Turner Village Park in Turner, Maine

Made up of five acres along Route 4, the Jones-Bonney Turner Village Park in Turner, Maine, is a quaint preserve. What makes the Jones-Bonney Turner Village Park especially enjoyable is that it’s dog friendly. While walking your four-legged friend around the half-mile loop, you’ll enjoy a lookout over the Nezinscot River. Furthermore, the Jones-Bonney Turner Village Park is centrally located downtown with a trail through pine forests to a nearby store.



When moving to or from Lewiston, Auburn, or Turner, Maine, call Red’s Moving, Inc. at (207) 784-8766 or 1-800-476-6175. Follow and like us on Facebook too and stay updated. We are happy to share more of what we love about central and southern Maine.