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Moving During Winter Months

Experience You Can Depend on From Red’s Moving, Inc.

Here is some helpful advice for those who plan on moving during winter months from Red’s Moving, Inc. Coordinating a move is always a process. Planning one in the coldest months of the year can make it more challenging. If you need our assistance for residential moving, call us for a free estimate and to hire our movers. Our professional movers can move you across our location in Lewiston, ME, throughout Maine or anywhere in the world.

Severe winter weather could mean postponing the best laid plans. A snowstorm may mean rescheduling, so have a backup plan and dates, just in case if you are moving yourself. Watch the weather, stay in touch with us through the week or so before your scheduled moving date. Remain as calm and flexible as possible.


Keep Walkways and Driveway Clear

One of the more practical tips is something appropriate any time of the year. Keep walks and pathways into and out of your home clear. In winter, ice and snow create slippery conditions. Parking on a designated plow route could create muddy snowbanks over which your belongings must go. Check both the properties—the one you are leaving and your moving destination. Removing potential hazards makes moving safer and less stressful.


Turn on Utilities and Check Before Moving Day

A critical comfort during a winter move is knowing your utilities are on and working. Winter moving days have naturally less light, so having essential utilities on is important. If the utility company has to schedule or reschedule service, that could mean a delay in moving. Make sure heat, water, electricity and any other essentials are in good working order at least two days before.


Floors and Carpeting Precautions for a Winter Move

Beautiful wood floors and impressive carpeting will soon become a soggy or muddy mess without protection during a winter move. Think of how many pairs of feet will be tracking in snow, ice, mud, rock salt, and sand. Take precautions to have mats and extensive coverings to protect your flooring.

Place floor mats at entrances to the outside, and tape down plastic tarps over wood and tile floors. Use cardboard sheets or boxes to cover walkways in high traffic areas. These practical steps will help protect your floors and carpeting from excessive grime.


Clothing and Supplies for Moving During Winter

Finally, moving during winter means dealing with chilly temperatures and snowy weather. Wearing layers of clothing, gloves, hats, and items you can take off and put on will help you stay comfortable. Keep extras at hand for yourself and any other family members.

Have winter supplies like shovels, salt, and sand at both locations. Consider placing a space heater near an entrance or in a cold area. Be sure to pack a “first night” kit of essential, warm items like extra clothes and blankets. Red’s Moving, Inc. hopes these tips will help with good moving during winter.



For more on our professional moving services, give Red’s Moving, Inc. a call at (207) 784-8766 or 1-800-476-6175. Follow us on Facebook for updates. We are happy to provide and discuss moving during winter months.