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moving day process step by step

Explaining Red’s Moving, Inc.’s Process Step By Step

Our Movers Make the Moving Experience Easy for Our Customers

This month, we’re explaining Red’s Moving, Inc.’s process step by step. For over nine decades, our movers have worked hard to make the moving experience easy for our customers. When you call for a quote, we’ll give you accurate information so you can confidently schedule services with us. Come moving day, our movers will do a walk through before and after we pack up. Finally, we’ll quickly offload once we arrive at your new place.


Call for an Estimated Quote and to Schedule Services

When you call for a quote, we’ll use state-of-the-art moving cost estimation tools to give you accurate information. The more details you give us, the more precise the quote you’ll receive before deciding to schedule services. We’ll try to give you a few quotes from which to choose. Once you’ve settled on a price you can afford, our company will work with you to schedule services.

Red’s Moving won’t schedule services or a moving day outside of our availability nor yours. From Monday through Friday, we’re available between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. and by appointment on Saturdays. When we schedule services, some information we’ll need includes:

  • Are you planning to utilize our packing services?
  • Both addresses from and to which you’re moving
  • Your intended moving day (or days)


Get a Pre- and Post-Move Walk Through on Moving Day

On moving day, the movers we send out will determine which items to place on the truck. Of course, they won’t do a walk through without supervision, so please make sure an adult resident can escort them. After the truck is full and everything’s taken out of your home the movers will do another walk through.


Our Movers Efficiently, Safely, and Quickly Pack Up and Offload

After the walk through, the movers will immediately work to pack up the moving truck. If you’ve contracted for boxing and crating services, they’ll take care of that before starting to pack up. After they pack up the truck, they’ll head to your new home and wait for your arrival, unless otherwise directed. As quickly and efficiently as they packed things up, the movers will start to offload the items from the truck. While they offload, we encourage you to direct the movers to put your items where you’ve designated them to be. Upon finishing the offload process, the movers will make sure they collect their supplies, such as blankets, dollies, and more.



For an estimate or to ask any questions about our services, call (207) 784-8766 or 1-800-476-6175. You’re invited to follow and like us on Facebook for updates. We’d be glad to continue explaining Red’s Moving, Inc.’s process step by step.